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Data Privacy and Code of Conduct

Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH has the right at any time to terminate in writing any existing supply contracts and/or orders without prior notice if the supplier violates a requirement of the “Supplier Code of Conduct” and has failed, after an appropriate period of grace, to implement an improvement measure. The same applies to deliberate obstruction of compliance reviews. Any suspected violation of the “Supplier Code of Conduct” will be investigated and Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH reserves the right to request a detailed account of the circumstances.

Where suspicious facts suggest a violation of this “Supplier Code of Conduct”, Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH has the right, at its expense, to verify compliance with the “Supplier Code of Conduct” through an independent expert bound by professional confidentiality. The supplier hereby warrants to provide the independent expert with access to any information and documents required to conduct the investigation. If the investigation gives no indication of violation of the “Supplier Code of Conduct”, Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH will refrain from reviewing any information other than the result of the investigation.

At the request of Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH, we will complete an annual self-disclosure form of Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH or submit to Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH a written report of the measures taken or planned to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct.

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