More than procurement consulting!

 Virtual pooling benefits

 Digitised purchase-to-pay process in eProcurement

 Elimination of maverick buying

… achieved by Kerkhoff’s own strategic purchasing unit

Promise no. 1

Our best price strategy provides you with sustainable and permanently favourable purchasing conditions for your requirements.

Promise no. 2

We ensure transparency of your indirect purchase order processes and maximise compliance with less maverick buying.

Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement GmbH is revolutionising purchasing optimisation through its own purchasing unit. We replace conventional procurement consulting with contracts negotiated with our supplier base.

The result is cost savings and sustainability. We make sure that standardised purchasing conditions are in place right at the start of projects, not after a long drawn-out process.

Our strategic sourcing means that you benefit from Kerkhoff-optimised contracts, with terms and conditions impacting instantly on your ROI. As well as this, we can determine future prices today through index-based simulation – giving you a solid basis for profit forecasts and budgeting.

Indirect requirements are sourced and handled using Kerkhoff’s eProcurement tool. Fully transparent purchase-to-pay process based on our OpusCapita eProcurement platform. more

Through virtual pooling of company-wide procurement volumes, Kerkhoff’s own purchasing unit achieves and maintains uniquely favourable scales of discount. more

Kerkhoff’s own purchasing unit continuously optimises and monitors the purchase prices and conditions of suppliers through its own catalogue management. more

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